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Here at Tune-Tech, that is exactly what we do; Engineer. Knowledge. With Power.  


With Diesel engines rapidly becoming the choice of power-plant for the Australian consumer, and ever advancing Common Rail technology, it is now beyond the scope of any general mechanic to "tune" your vehicle for improved performance, economy or more importantly, reliability.

That is the the Tune-Tech difference. We are the pioneers. Tune-Tech engineer power with knowledge to achieve your desired outcome and work with you to develop an improved driving experience - whatever that ambition may be; from touring and towing, commercial fleet operations, through to the daily commute.

Any company can, and will, tell you, the staff within their organization are experts but how can this be proven?  With Tune-Tech, our technicians are factory trained, certified Master Tuners, and are highly experienced across a number of fields within our scope. We stand by our ethos and aim to deliver you the smoothest experience with your ambition, due largely to our knowledge, skillset and pride in our workmanship to deliver quality results to the individual's requirements.


Tune-Tech is the low risk option of the industry; Satisfaction guaranteed, or your money back. Simple.


Thanks! We'll be in touch shortly!


"Just drove it again and it's heaps better now. Should finally be able to pull the skin off a custard up the beach"


Caboolture, Australia

"It pulls so much better down low. It's great over the Gateway Bridge now and i can hold 5th with ease. Can't wait to tow the trailer down south and see how she goes."


Brisbane, Australia

"There's so much more down low in the Nav now. She used to be smokey as and chug around. Now it's just got no lag! The economy is about the same but I guess I do drive it harder so I'm happy with that."


Narangba, Australia

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